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Providing Everything You Need in Guiseley near Menston, Otley and Shipley

Here you will find a description of all the services available at LJB Nails & Beauty

Nail Enhancements - artificial nails ranging from traditional liquid and powder Acrylic, PolyGel, Softgel or Acrylic dip systems.

Nail sculpting - an advance technique for Acrylic or PolyGel application.

Gel Polish - great for natural nails to keep stronger and lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping.  This is also possible for thin splitting/flaky nails with foundation flex by Gelish.  This is a soak off system.

CND Plexigel - a brush-in-a bottle system made up of two safe solution-based products, designed for multiple services and maximum wear.
Shaper: The solution for bullet-proof colour services. A high-strength protective barrier, that is the perfect foundation for colour longevity and promoting nail growth.
Builder: The solution for true building. A crystal-clear enhancement product that allows you to create customisable length and the ultimate in transformation.
CND™ plexigel offers you performance without compromising on safety or nail health. Backed by science. Rooted in nail health. plexigel is researched, formulated and manufactured by CND™ in the USA.

Gelish Soft Gel - This brand new system from Gelish is a full tip made from gel and is built up and adhered to the nail with a soft gel.  This is the quickest nail extension and come in short, medium and long with shapes round, coffin and stiletto.


Nail art - get a pretty design on your nails for a little extra

Manicures - from a simple file and polish to a luxury manicure.


Pedicures - from simple file and polish to luxury pedicures.


LVL Lashes - Creating length, volume & lift, Nouveau lashes brings you the UK No.1 lash lift. We lift the natural lash and tint them instantly creating a more dramatic look with no maintenance. Lasts 6-8 weeks.  Ultimate LVL includes the lower lashes.


Lash Extensions - The classic individual lash extensions applied to the natural eyelash one by one. Lasting up to 8 weeks with recommended infills every 2-3 weeks.


Express Eyelash Extensions - Individual lash extensions are placed onto your natural lashes creating a flawless enhancement in the blink of an eye.


Party/Glamour Lashes - Voluminous lashes are generously applied to create an instantly dramatic look, party perfect these lashes can be worn 7-10 days.


Eyebrow wax/threading - A tidy up of the brow with wax or the use of thread to remove the unnecessary hairs.


Eyebrow tint - Colour service that enhances the shape, thickness and colour (patch test required).


Eyelash tint - Colour service that enhances the darkness of the lashes with or without mascara (patch test required)


Eye Collection - Eyebrow wax, tint and eyelash tint all in one treatment (patch test required).


HD Brow - This is so much more than a treatment, its an experience.  This treatment is tailored to the individual and includes blending, tinting, waxing, threading and tailoring the brow with makeup.


HD BrowSculpt - This is a brow lamination treatment great for unruly eyebrows.  The process is the same as a lash lift. The bonds of the hair are broken down and reset straighter, more uniformed making the brows more versatile for styling.


Hopi Ear Candles - An alternative medical treatment aimed to improve general health and well-being. It removes ear wax and relieves pressure from behind the ear drums. It helps to reduce earaches, headaches and sinus pressure.


Massage Therapy - Soothe away any unwanted tension and relax with a specially selected blend of aromatherapy oils and deep tissue massage tailored to de-stress your mind and body.


Hot Stone Massage - Hot stone therapy provides you with the ultimate experience in relaxation, designed to target deeper mind and muscular tension and encourage blood flow throughout the body.


Facials - Relax whilst we leave your skin feeling it's healthiest, we aim to make you feel revived and refreshed whilst individually tailoring your skincare ritual to exactly what your skin needs. We treat each area of the face differently as we aim to get results from our skin treatments as well as providing you with blissful escape.


Waxing - We have warm wax and hot wax available.  Warm wax is a strip wax and I use both pots and roller system depending on the area being waxed.  The hot wax is great for those more sensitive areas.  The wax used is high quality to ensure that there is less discomfort when removing hair.


Intimate Waxing - Hollywood/Brazilian Wax is with or without a 'landing strip', all hair is removed from the front, back and everything in between. The G String leaves a strip of hair that starts on the pubic mound and down over the labia. It includes the butt crease and any noticeable hair on the buttocks.

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